New look for Kuusamon Juusto

As you may have noticed, we are updating the look of Kuusamon Juusto. Our familiar, delicious cheeses will be given brand new wrapping once the old packages have been used. The new look will also feature on our website and in other marketing. We want to emphasise and take pride in our northern heritage. Our cheeses will therefore be given the names of locations around the Kuusamo area.

Black-and-white maps will lead you to the origins of our cheeses, and in the future you will also find us more easily on the shelves.

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Flavour and character unlike anywhere else

They say that we Finns are a hardy people. Here, at the world’s most northernmost cheese dairy, we agree with this description whole-heartedly. No-one with an appreciation of easy living would dream of establishing a cheese dairy in Kuusamo. Still, we believe that if life is too rosy, it is missing some spice.

For over 60 years, we have produced cheeses in the region of Koillismaa, where Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia meet. Our cheeses are made of fresh milk from local northern family farms and aged in a land of roaring fords and cascades that charm visitors from both far and near.

Best wishes,
The folk of Kuusamon Juusto



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